Stories of our clients' successes!

  • "I'm So Happy I Had the Opportunity to Work with You!"

    I'm so happy I had the opportunity to work with you again, and I want to thank you for the advice and support you gave me. You are an outstanding realtor and I will highly recommend you to my friends. I wish the best for you.

  • "If You Want to Sell Your House or Condo, Call Peggy Smith! "

    When we met Peggy Smith we were immediately impressed by her professional attitude. She told us what we needed to do to "show" our condo-- what stuff needed to "go!"

    Pictures of condo were arranged, brochures, etc., listing-- all very quickly. Pictures were great!

    Peggy must have scheduled 2-3 Sunday open houses with herself there or real estate professionals from Lake Realty.

    We sold our condo within about a month to a buyer offering full price. We were so pleased!

    The listing and selling was quick, easy, professional and turned out perfectly for us.

    We would give Peggy Smith an A+ taking all into consideration. We just sat back and let it happen after Peggy took over.

    If you want to sell your house or condo, call Peggy Smith!

  • "I Will Highly Recommend You to My Friends!"

    I'm so happy I had the opportunity to work with you again, and I want to thank you for the advice and support you gave to me. You are an outstanding realtor and I will highly recommend you to my friends. I wish the best for you.

  • "I'll Definitely Be Calling on Peggy! "

    Peggy Smith helped me find and purchase my first home! Her professional manner in all things, her incredible knowledge of homes and waht to look out for, and especially her familiarity with the Seattle housing market (and ...the neighborhoods in North Seattle), and her many great contacts and resources helped me feel confident and optimistic throughout the entire process. Peggy was supportive when I needed it and was always easy to reach when I had questions. She was constantly on the lookout for me, and quickly understood what I was looking for and helped guide me toward what I needed when I wasn't sure. I was referred to Peggy by several members of my family, and I would easily refer others to her for her expertise! If/when it comes time to sell and buy again, I'll definitely be calling on Peggy!

  • "I Can Unreservedly Recommend Her As an Extraordinary Agent!"

    Peggy Smith found my first house for me in Ballard in the mid 90s; a fixer upper right in my price range. It turned out to be a very good value and she helped me sell it later at a nice profit. Peggy found my second house for me in 2000 and we were able to get in at a good price in a competitive market. In both purchases, she came in with the right bid, the right narrative, and the best timing to close the deal quickly.

    I recently sold my second home through Lake Realty and relied on Peggy completely for guidance in house preparation, timing, pricing, and staging. In a tough market we sold very close to the asking price and encountered no problems whatsoever with the sale. After having two purchases and two sales with Peggy I can unreservedly recommend her as an extraordinary agent.

  • "I Highly Recommend Her with No Reservations! "

    Peggy Smith helped me successfully negotiate a condo purchase in 2004 and a house purchase in 2011. During both transactions, she was knowledgeable; answered all of my (hundreds) of questions in language I could easily understand; responded immediately; and held my hand when needed. She has a warm and friendly personality, and she worked cooperatively and ethnically with all of the people involved in the transactions. However, she is also a savvy negotiator and can easily take a strong stance when the situations requires it. She referred me to lenders and other service providers necessary to make the transactions happen, and all of them were top-notch professionals. I consider Peggy to be "my real estate agent," and I highly recommend her with no reservations!

  • "I Would Highly Recommend Peggy Smith!"

    Last month, Peggy Smith, my real estate agent, helped me sell my condo within 5 days of it being on the market. This was the second time I worked with Peggy and just like the first time, she had all of the details covered. Fifteen years ago, Peggy helped me buy my first home in Ballard, and it turned out to be a great investment. Like the last time we worked together, when we met to talk about selling my home, she had done her homework. She was able to give me advice on the best selling price backed by data and at least 20 years of experience as a realtor in the Seattle area. Later on in the process, she sat with me in a nearby coffee shop and helped me navigate my way through confusing legal documents. Whenever I had a question, she explained the answer patiently and with ease. Finally, the whole process was so stress-free. She made sure that I knew what to do and when to do it. I couldn't believe how easy it was. I don't think I can say anymore about how great Peggy is. I would highly recommend Peggy Smith to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

  • "Very Reassuring!"

    I was very happy with Peggy's help in selling my condo. She was very understanding and patient while also very savvy about the way the market looked and getting me the best deal. I sincerely believe that I would never have been able to sell my place as fast or get as much as I did without her. I told my friends about all the things she did to make the sale a success and they all said, "Wow, that's unusual. You found a great realtor!"

    One of the nicest things was that Peggy kept me informed of how things were going on an almost daily basis-- very reassuring! It couldn't have gone better!

  • " Peggy is the Realtor, in My Opinion, Who All Realtors Should Strive to Be!"

    I had the wonderful opportunity to work with... Peggy Smith.

    Peggy was recommended by serveral neighbors who described her as-- easy to work with, down to earth, incredibly detained and extremely efficent. I can tell you she is all of that and so much more.

    The reason we chose Peggy was her willingness to work with us to get the best price for mother's home... From that moment we picked Peggy, she proceeded to help us pick some wonderful updated colors, shopped for new hardware for the kitchen cabinets, and picked out some outstanding light fixtures that brought such a total update to the rooms. Peggy brought in samples of flooring and carpet and got us in touch with a great roofer.

    What this all meant to our family was the net proceeds for my mother's home were increased by $30,000 which was directly due to Peggy's vision, her attention to detail, and ability to market.

    Peggy is the realtor, in my opinion, who all realtors should strive to be.

  • "She Was a Great Partner to Work With! "

    Peggy's knowledge and patience were greatly appreciated. We were looking for our dream home and didn't want to settle. It took a while to find what would work for our family-- a home that we could be truly happy in. Peggy was quick to show us houses throughout the year and long process. She would help point out good and not so good qualities about each property. I had confidence in Peggy's knowledge and ability to meet deadlines, communicate with other agents professionally and respectfully, and to keep us in the loop throughout the process. We may have been her longest clients but we appreciated her time and patience. We didn't want to feel rushed. She was a great partner to work with! Thank you!

  • "I Would Recommend Peggy a Hundred Times Over!"

    Peggy truly is one of the best. From beginning to end, she made buying and selling our home as smooth a process as possible. Peggy took time at the beginning of our search and really listened to what our hopes were in a home for one family over a long period of time. She helped us stay focused on our goals despite the timing of one search and sale of our current home being in the middle of the recession. Peggy has a big heart and the capacity to be very reasonable in the face of challenges. She expertly helped us prepare one home for sale, making wise recommendations that allowed us to get the best price and a quick close. Peggy has years of experience in real estate and prior careers as well that form her big picture perspective with her realtor acumen.

    I would recommend Peggy a hundred times over and am so grateful for the extra miles she she went on our behalf.

  • "Thanks, Peggy!"

    It was such a pleasure working with such a professional like Peggy. Peggy was very patient with us and wanted to make sure we got exactly what we were looking for... Even if it took 1 1/2 years!

    Her knowledge and confidence were appreciated in a very exciting yet scary process.

    Peggy had great suggestions for us when selling our home. She has a great ability to get a house up and show it to sell.

    Thanks, Peggy!

  • "So Without Hesitation I Would Recommend Peggy!"

    When recently I became interested in a specific property which had caught my attention, I first turned to an excellent and trusted agent, Kathy Bowman, whom had previously helped friends with home purchases. Kathy had just retired, and so could not take on the task. Rather, Kathy provided a very strong recommendation of Peggy Smith, for which I am now really grateful to both Kathy and Peggy.

    From our first meeting Peggy showed a clear and firm grasp of the entire process, and provided me useful overview of what needs to happen, in which order, as well as excellent counsel at every decision point. Having such a competent agent is crucial for the buyer to proceed effectively. Peggy handled all the major arrangements and appointments with inspectors, as well as coordination with the sellers and escrow. I did not have to cold call anyone, and everything was well prepared for me in advance. Also provided was a wealth of knowledgeable support at various decision points: such as whether to make an offer, and how much to offer, and after inspections were complete, what findings to make issues of, and in this case, how much price reduction to go for. Clearly the decisions were mine to make, but Peggy really helped in outlining my options and validating the boundaries of what would be reasonable.

    Finally, I can honestly say that Peggy saved me money on this transaction. As a typical buyer, I had stars in my eyes, and Peggy helped me to see reason. She showed me the comparable price data which she researched so I offered a lower price for the house which was accepted. In addition, I also was able to get another significant price reduction as a result of items found on the inspection. A good agent can strengthen the buyer's hand in negotiating an offer.

    And in addition to being very pleased and impressed with Peggy's own work, she recommended and arranged for excellent and competent specialists, which were also essential to making it all happen, in the proper sequence, and on schedule. The general inspector, the dock inspector, the roofer, the insurance agent, and the sewer inspector and contractor (yes, the inspection revealed a break in the sewer line, which was promptly repaired at the expense of the seller).

    So without hesitation I would recommend Peggy as a real estate agent for those buying a home in the greater Seattle area.

  • "We Truly Value Peggy and Everything She Brings to the Table!"

    This was our second time working with Peggy Smith and it was even better than the first. Peggy has such a great sense of the market and timing and we always know that we are in good hands.

    Peggy is a straight shooter who will always give you an honest, informed opinion. She was there whenever we had any questions, doubts, fears or concerns and was also available to give us advice, perspective and encouragement. We ended up pursuing a short sale and Peggy successfully guided us through the process and kept reminding us of our end goal. When we weren't sure that we were on the right path, Peggy assured us that we were and stuck with us. As a result, we are now living in a home we never dreamed we could possibly have-- and in our preferred location, to boot!

    We truly value Peggy and everything she brings to the table. We could not have purchased our home without her and we will be forever grateful.

  • "Peggy is on Top of the Game!"

    Peggy is on top of game at each step in the process. No complication or challenge is too big to keep the deal moving forward. In addition to being pleasant to work with, Peggy is all business with none of the insincere fluff of some in the business.

  • "We Wouldn't Hesitate to Use Peggy's Services Again!"

    We have only the deepest gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding job Peggy Smith did in selling out condo. She is a top notch realtor, with a wealth of experience, a very professional knowledge of the market, and a keen eye for what needs to be done to ready a property both for selling and to sell well. At every turn we found her to be kind, honest, ethical, patient, and response to our questions and concerns, and a true pleasure to work with.

    We followed Peggy's advice to the letter and worked extra hard at upgrading and refurbishing our home. We had loved living in our condo, and cared that the next owners be happy there also. We were pleased that there were multiple offers right after the open house weekend and it sold quickly above asking price.

    We wouldn't hesitate to use Peggy's services again for a future home sale, or to recommend her without reservation to others. She is a wonderful human being, an exceptional realtor to work with, and has earned our utmost respect.

  • "A Successful and Memorable Experience!"

    We recently decided to sell my parents' home after 50+ years of memories. Along with the memories were a lot of deferred maintenance and lack of updating. We contacted Peggy Smith about helping us with the sale.

    Her expertise kicked in quickly. Being a 1950's rambler, it required a special eye to know what to updated and what to let be. Peggy went through the house and suggested what we should do to make it market ready. Lots of cleaning out, removing of dated fittings/fixtures, removal of carpeting, painting, hardwood floor finishing, an electrical panel upgrate and landscaping topped the suggestion list. Peggy reviewed what items on the list were most important, went over a marketing program, and set up a time table for being market ready.

    That was just the start of Peggy's involvement. She was at the house most days for the next several weeks guiding us along. Lining up sub contractors, finding parts, picking up fixtures, cleaning things up and staging rooms were just some of the things Peggy helped with. My expectations of Peggy's involvement in this part of the process were completely exceeded.

    Because of Peggy's expertise and guidance, we were ready when planned and, in a slowing market, we received three offers in the first four days on the market. The house sold for over asking price and closed quickly with no surprises. I would recommend Peggy Smith without hesitation to anyone planning to sell a home. Peggy's professionalism and expertise made selling my parents' home a successful and memorable experience.

  • "Peggy Helped Me Find a Wonderful Contractor!"

    My experience with Peggy as my real estate agent in the purchase of my new house in Broadview was extremely positive. Not only did we find the house of my dreams after searching for years with other agents to no avail,but she saw me through the purchase itself and arrangements with the sellers so that the details of the sale were not burdensome. As well, Peggy helped me find a wonderful contractor who also has been amazingly helpful. I'm sure there are many good things I have left out but my purpose here is to assure anyone who works with Peggy that they will have the best support they can find in a real estate agent.

  • "We Know Peggy Will Be Our First Call!"

    I cannot say enough about how helpful Peggy was for our home-buying journey. We were first-time homebuyers in a bit of a time crunch due to unforeseen circumstances. Peggy immediately made time for us, spending time teaching us the basics of what we needed to know and how to make the best of our (very!) short timeline. She was clear with us that the market was a tough one for buyers, and she walked us through what we could expect with a great balance of optimism and realism. She really listened to our hopes and goals for our ideal home and we could see her tailoring her suggestions for properties to look at to those needs even during our first meeting. We were instantly impressed with her experience and intimate knowledge of the market, local areas, and her uncanny ability to explain complicated concepts to us in simple terms that helped us navigate the market and to have the confidence to make a competitive offer on a great property. Her insider knowledge of local lenders (practices, which companies have staff available on weekends and are responsive to tight turnaround times like our timeline might call for) was also impressive.

    Most importantly we felt like we were her only clients throughout the process working with her (though we knew we were not). For instance, less than 48 hours after meeting with her, we found a property we wanted to see but we had just missed the open house. We contacted her and first thing the next morning, she had the keys and gave us a tour; in time to allow us put in an offer with other interested buyers from the open house. She even had insights into the trajectory of the property and likely offers. Also, we ran into some issues with our closing that were outside of our control, and she negotiated an extension with the seller with ease; I’m convinced the extension was accepted because Peggy has established herself as reputable and trustworthy in the business and the selling agent trusted her judgment. While we may have needed more of her knowledge and guidance (and chose to rely on her contacts for inspectors, sewer scope inspectors, and other personnel) than experienced home buyers, her non-judgmental style of relating to her clients makes her able to easily relate to novice buyers/sellers as well as experienced individuals.

    On a personal note, she really seemed to care about our family and our well-being. When our offer was accepted on our dream home she was just as excited as we were and she maintained contact with us after we closed and moved in, and even after we had our baby a few months later. Should we be in a position to need a realtor again, we know Peggy will be our first call!

  • "We Are So Happy to Have You As Our Agent!"

    Just a short note to say a big thank you for managing our house whilst we are in Australia. We honestly could not have gotten to this stage without your focus and attention to detail on our property. We are so happy to have you as our agent! See you soon and hoping for a quick, painless sale.

  • "Peggy Smith is the Only Realtor I Would Recommend!"

    We have used Peggy Smith as our realtor four times now-- two home sales and two home purchases. All four of those experiences have been positive for us and I'm happy to give Peggy my highest recommendation. She knows the market extremely well, she does comprehensive research, she listens to the requests/concerns/desires of her clients and is knowledgeable in all things home related (including recognizing remodeling potential, staging a home for successful sale, identifying the most profitable fixes you can do to your home when putting it on the market so that you get the most for your money, and she is even able to give you advice regarding "out of the area" markets).

    On top of being extremely competent, Peggy is also a wonderful person to work with. She is dependable, trustworthy, and has a very personable demeanor. Along the way Peggy helped us to make a variety of difficult decisions-- it was nice to have someone I trusted and respected helping us during the exciting yet often stressful time of home purchasing and selling.

    When it was time for us to sell, we were in a buyer's market. In both instances, she proved to be invaluable to us in many ways. I can't imagine selling or buying a house without Peggy's expertise, help, and support. Peggy Smith is the only realtor I would recommend to a friend or family member.

See how Peggy Smith can help with your real estate needs!

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